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Water Based Adhesive For Softwood Woodworking

Water based adhesive for softwood woodworking

Code: SY6103 series

The mixing ratio is 100:10

Packing: 20 kg/barrel 1200 kg/plastic drum

Application: wooden floors, wooden doors and windows, wooden furniture, wooden crafts bonding

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This product is a two-component polymer copolymer, a new type of water-based polymer monoisocyanate series wood adhesive developed and produced by advanced technology. Good water resistance, high bonding strength, environmental protection, and has excellent water resistance, weather resistance, high bonding strength, fast drying speed, good toughness, impact resistance, can pass the Japanese Agricultural Standard (JAS) test, the strength level is the highest Level D4. This product has a wide range of uses, mainly used for gluing laminated wood panels, veneer, solid wood flooring, composite flooring, wooden doors and windows, solid wood furniture, etc., and can also be used for finger joints, tenon joints, 45°C angled splicing and other wooden crafts Manufacture and interior decoration, decoration glue cooperation industry. This product is especially suitable for the bonding of birch, watermelon, green wood, red pine, white pine, mongolica, fish scale spruce, basswood, poplar and other woods. It is also suitable for high-frequency operations.

Applicable Material


Pine wood


Poplar wood






Lacquer wood


Cypress wooden




Mongolian scotch pine

The two-component water based wood glue is developed for the characteristics of wood material and the characteristics of large deformation due to absorption and loss of water. It can penetrate into the wood well, and the glue has excellent film formation and strong cohesion, especially it can react with the characteristics of wood fibers. The group forms a good chemical bond, which solves the problem of easy cracking of the wood panel. The solid wood puzzle glue is composed of vinyl polymer emulsion (latex) and polyisocyanate (curing agent). Its main features are as follows.

1. A two-component water-based adhesive composed of vinyl emulsion and aromatic polycyanate, non-toxic, odorless, and non-flammable.

2. The raw materials and products do not contain aldehydes, and there is no formaldehyde emission in the production and use of furniture, which will not cause harm.

3. After sizing, cold pressing takes 1 to 2 hours to cure, and hot pressing takes only a few minutes to cure, which saves energy and time. 

Applicable Machine


Manual fixture


Four-sided flip joint machine


A-shaped joint machine


Fan blade rotating joint machine

Product features


High material utilization

Low specific gravity, compared with most products on the market, a bucket of glue with the same weight, our company's glue volume ratio is greater than most products on the market, High material utilization


No foaming

The mixed glue of the main solid does not foam, and will automatically crosslink after the active period (the gel is not easy to brush), avoiding the cracking of the board caused by the staff adjusting the glue and the glue is still used after the active period.


Long operation time

The glue that is mixed with the main solid has a long active period, and the glue that is adjusted can be used for 1 hour each time.


Excellent comparison test of boiling in the same period

The cost is lower than most products on the market under the same quality conditions, and the quality of the same grade glue is higher than most products on the market.

Operation Specification

STEP 01 Flat substrate is the key

Flatness standard: ±0.1mm, moisture content standard: 8%-12%.

STEP 02 The ratio of glue is critical

The main agent (white) and curing agent (dark brown) are mixed according to the corresponding ratio 100:8 100:10 100:12 100:15

STEP 03 Stir the glue evenly

Use a stirrer to repeatedly pick up the colloid 3-5 times, and there is no filamentous brown liquid. The mixed glue should be used up within 30-60 minutes

STEP 04 Fast and accurate glue application speed

Gluing should be completed within 1 minute, the glue should be uniform and the end glue should be sufficient.

STEP 05 Sufficient pressurization time

The glued board should be pressed within 1 minute, and must be pressurized within 3 minutes, the pressing time is 45-120 minutes, and the extra hardwood is 2-4 hours.

STEP 06 The pressure must be sufficient

Pressure: softwood 500-1000kg/m², hardwood 800-1500kg/m²

STEP 07 Set aside for a while after decompression

The curing temperature is above 20℃, light processing (saw, planing) after 24 hours, and deep processing after 72 hours. Avoid sunlight and rain during this period.

STEP 08 Rubber roller cleaning must be diligent

A clean glue applicator can ensure that the glue is not easy to block, otherwise it will affect the amount and uniformity of the glue.

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